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Terça, 09 Outubro 2018 08:00

Foto de Adérito CaldeiraThe fee for issuing or renewing a biometric driving license in Mozambique will be increased by 500%. Other services provided by INATTER will also be subject to exorbitant increases this week, such as the issuing of a vehicle registration certificates [‘livrete’], which will go up to 1,850 meticais, and driving tests, which will be taxed at 2,185 meticais.

After introducing new fees for personalised vehicle registrations and revising the cost of vehicle inspections, extraordinary examination for instructors and inspectors, fees for driver applicants and licensing of driver education and license manufacturing activities, the National Institute of Land Transport (INATTER) is this week revising fees for many more of its services.

The initial registration of a light vehicle will rise from 2,450 meticais to 2,980, while the registration of a motorcycle will cost 1,985 meticais and agricultural tractors 1,050 meticais. Heavy-duty vehicles will go up from 3,450 to 3,900 meticais. Some prices, however, are going to see more exorbitant increases, @Verdade has found. A driving test for a light or heavy vehicle, motorcycle or tractor, which currently costs 100 meticais, will go up to 2,185 meticais.

Worse still, those who pass still now have to pay 2,500 meticais for a biometric driving license, against the current 500 meticais only.

So a young person wishing to obtain a driver’s license, a fundamental requirement for most jobs, will need at least 4,685 meticais, well above a minimum wage in Mozambique.

More expensive still will be the examination for a professional or public service driving licence, now 160 meticais but soon to cost 2,185 meticais, plus 2,500 meticais for the driving license and endorsement [‘averbamento’].

Registering ownership of a car, which is currently free, will henceforth cost 1,850 meticais. Replacement certificates will also cost 1,850 meticais, and duplicates, 1,550 meticais.

The upward revision of INATTER rates also extends to driving schools, the license fee for which will rise to 20,050 meticais. Inspection services have also become more expensive.

The increases, approved by Ministerial Diploma 82/2018 of 5 September, will enter into force on 5 October.


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