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Sexta, 09 Janeiro 2015 09:38

The bench of the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) considers that the legislature VII, which waxed on 04 December, after the V Session, was positive as a result of having been discussed and approved many of the projects submitted by the Government. But who has the "vainglory" of all this is Frelimo, which had no opposition to the height to counter its decisions, in terms of voting. Therefore, it is believed that the discussions leading to the progress of the nation were and are promoted by the party in power for nearly four decades.

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Terça, 23 Dezembro 2014 08:44

Seven years after the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric dam (HCB) became property of the Mozambican State the country continues to import electricity. It seems this trend will continue in order to "meet domestic demand" according to a study by the Center for Public Integrity (CIP), which also noticed that power quality is poor and "energy tariffs are among the highest in the region" despite being the second largest energy producer in southern Africa.

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Quarta, 29 Outubro 2014 10:08

The International Observer Military Team for the Cessation of Military Hostilities (EMOCHM), formalized 27 days ago, remains incomplete. The two US and two British military observers have not yet arrived and this is delaying the start of the mission that should have started on 11 October and should end with the demilitarization of the Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo).

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Terça, 28 Outubro 2014 16:04

José Pacheco, head of the delegation of the Mozambican Government in political dialogue with the Renamo party, revealed this Monday (27) that there are 300 places for integration of an equal number of men of Afonso Dhlakama's party in the ranks of the Mozambican police and ?in the army. However is not yet known how many guerrillas are to be demilitarized.

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Quarta, 22 Outubro 2014 09:50

On October 1st, with just 14 days remaining before the Mozambique general elections, the Military Team of International Observers for the Cessation of Military Hostilities (EMOCHM) was given a formal enactment.

They will oversee the demilitarization process of Mozambique's largest opposition party, Renamo, and the integration of its men into Mozambique's Defense and Police forces, as well as the social and economic assimilation of those who are not physically capable of serving in the armed forces.

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Quarta, 22 Outubro 2014 09:28

With a total of 27,160 hectares of land registered in the miner cadaster, the Guebuza family, through Intelec Holdigs and Tata Moçambique, holds seven licenses for prospecting and mining research.

They all have in common the fact that they have been assigned by the National Directorate of Mines, from the time when Armando Guebuza ascended to the post of President of the Republic.

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