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Quinta, 28 Janeiro 2016 10:59

During a protest by Palmeiras' residents, in the Manhica district, Maputo Province, on 22 January against alleged ineffectiveness of law and order officers in fighting crime that is rising alarmingly, the police again deliberately used live ammunition to disperse unarmed and unprotected people. Inacio Dina, spokesman for the Mozambican National Police (PR) General Command, downplayed the situation and ignored the fact that one of the basic human rights was violated -the right to life -when his colleagues killed a youth whose family undoubtedly will not receive compensation from the state.

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Segunda, 25 Janeiro 2016 08:59

The health of Manuel Bissopo, the Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo) secretary general and MP shot on 20 January in Beira by unidentified shooters "is stable" but requires "much care," Renamo spokesman Antonio Muchanga told @Verdade. The Mozambican Human Rights League (LDH) suspects that the attack had "political motives" caused by the deterioration of a series of political events that not only dragged the country to the current military tension but also widen the gap between the government and Renamo further.

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Quarta, 23 Dezembro 2015 11:07

Foto de Adérito CaldeiraThe largest Mozambican opposition party, the Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo) has proposed, in an as yet unanswered letter sent to the government in October, the involvement of South African President Jacob Zuma and the Catholic Church in the political dialogue - which has no fixed date to resume after being suspended about four months ago - between Renamo and the government to resolve the politico-military tension.

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Sexta, 11 Dezembro 2015 16:00

On 8 December, the majority Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo) bench approved the National Assembly's action plan and budget for 2016, but the 59 Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo) Members of Parliament (MPs) abstained and their 11 Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) counterparts voted against. Once again, the dictatorship of the vote reigned supreme and everything was approved without the opposition's nod, meaning that it is just an "ornamental" presence in Parliament.


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On 25 September, when Mozambican Armed and Defence Forces (FADM) Day was being commemorated, the killing did not just happen in Zimpinga, Gondola district, Manica Province (central-western Mozambique). In Nkondezi, Moatize District, Tete Province, unidentified alleged armed men broke into the home of 47-year-old Elesson Jonasse, the Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo) political delegate, and shot him in cold blood in front of his wife and under-aged children.

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Terça, 08 Setembro 2015 10:54

The Mozambique National Resistance (Renamo) announced on 2 September that its army barracks in Zambezia Province's Morrumbala District, where it intends to train its police force and more guerrilla forces for its army to protect, if need be, the sovereignty of the five [as received] provinces which it wants to govern.

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Terça, 01 Setembro 2015 10:09

Freedom of expression and of the press in Mozambique is on the bench of the accused when the trial of citizen Carlos Nuno Castel Branco, Mediafax editor Fernando Mbanze, and Canal de Mocambique editor Fernando Veloso begins today, after the state of Mozambique started legal proceedings against them. If the first action by the judge is not to shelve the case, a serious precedent will be created to ensure that the voices of Mozambican citizens are silenced.

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