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Segunda, 06 Junho 2016 08:04

One could not have expected different results from those that the Mozambican Parliament's Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights, and Legality Committee presented on the mass grave with about 120 bodies in the centre of the country.

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Segunda, 29 Fevereiro 2016 18:28

We have said in this same space on many occasions in the past that the events of the last few days that have claimed human lives and destroyed property, were more than enough reason for President of the Republic Filipe Jacinto Nyusi to examine his conscience. It seems to us, however, that Mr Nyusi is remote controlled by a horde of schizophrenics and is determined instead to shove this country into the abyss, as his predecessor did.

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Quinta, 15 Janeiro 2015 14:22

The town of Cuamba is isolated from the rest of Mozambique since last Monday (11), after several days of torrential rain. While the people seek help, the rulers in Maputo are worried about their jobs and emergency teams "come from helicopter to say hello to people but when it is to rescue people there are no helicopters".

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Quinta, 15 Janeiro 2015 14:08

January 14th 2015

Goodluck: where are you?

Dear President,

On behalf of all of the signatories below, I would like to express our deep concern about the recent situations in Nigeria.

In the last weeks, extremists killed innocent people in an attack that was unprecedented in its impact. No, I am not speaking of the tragic shootings at the offices of French Magazine Charlie Hebdo where militant extremists killed 12 people but I am speaking of Baga, a small town in Borno State in Nigeria, our country, where Boko Haram, another group of militant extremists, massacred up to 2000 innocent people.

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Segunda, 05 Janeiro 2015 09:13

In the hours between last Monday night and Tuesday morning the lack of proper and consistent engineering in public and private buildings in Maputo city, especially in the periphery, was once again exposed by heavy rainfall. Certainly, no lessons will be learned by the authorities or victims from this avoidable situation. Those with whom we celebrate the "social contract" pretend they do not hear the thunderous cries of distress.

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Segunda, 15 Dezembro 2014 11:00

Collective knowledge says that a ‘selfish’ individual is one who believes that he or she is more important than others. Perhaps this adjective is inappropriate to describe President Armando Emílio Guebuza. But at some point, it can describe what we have seen in recent days. Because, untimely or not with just a few months until the end of his term President Guebuza has been infected by a mean case of Inauguration Syndrome. The President has consecutively appeared at events to pull back the curtain unveiling the inaugural stone of all new establishments in the country.

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Quarta, 10 Dezembro 2014 17:20

Worldwide, children are consider the hope of tomorrow and the guarantors of a nation’s existence. Yet in Mozambique, there seems to be no concern to ensure that future generations are equipped with the capacity and ability to cope with major challenges posed by varied global dynamics.

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