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Segunda, 06 Junho 2016 08:04

One could not have expected different results from those that the Mozambican Parliament's Constitutional Affairs, Human Rights, and Legality Committee presented on the mass grave with about 120 bodies in the centre of the country.

This is because this commission, made up mostly by Frelimo [Mozambique Liberation Front] parliamentary members, left for the investigation with the certainty that there was no mass grave in the central region of the country. In fact, the commission left Maputo for Sofala province with the fixed idea of strengthening the government's position, which unscrupulously defends the non-existence of the mass grave.

It was visible to see the commission's efforts to discredit the reports of Portuguese news agency, Lusa, which noted the existence of a mass grave in Gorongosa. The commission, led by Frelimo party, was merely a farce to produce a report issued in rough Portuguese ro! ugh just to pretend and applaud, so that it seems like there is a concern for Mozambicans' human rights. It is well known that the Frelimo government does not care about the Mozambicans whose bodies were abandoned in the Gorongosa bush.

The parliamentary commission's investigation was actually a big scam to entertain Mozambicans who eagerly await an official position from the government authorities. If the truth be told, the height of the poorly staged theatre was watching Edson Macuacua acting like a judge, and with an air of a public servant robotically prepared to say everything that the government wants to hear.

Besides having been proven or not the existence of the mass grave, there were reports of at least 15 bodies found in Sofala and Manica bushes.

However, the false and gangster commission charged with investigating the situation deliberately ignored this. The commission merely limited itself to asking whether there was such a mass grave with mor! e than 100 bodies.

It was, I will say in passing, a manoeuvre previously studied to deceive the unwary. In Gorongosa, the commission refused to cross Nyadwe River and travel the five kilometres to the area where the bodies were found. Macuacua justified this by saying that the work of the commission at this stage, it was only in Sofala.

Therefore, the commission is nothing more than a shame of gigantic proportions.


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