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Ana Coanai, president of the Administration Council (PCA) of the State Participation Management Institute (IGEPE), said on Monday that 20 of the 107 public and state-partnered companies in Mozambique are in financial crisis. Investigation of six of these companies by A Verdade reveal current liabilities of more than 77.8 billion meticais, with 27.2 billion in short-term debt to national banks and total liabilities of 156.9 billion meticais.

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The 867 elephant tusks seized in a container at the port of Maputo on 13 April came from Mozambican elephants, according to the Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development, Celso Correia, interviewed in the independent online paper “A Verdade”.

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Foto de Adérito CaldeiraOne of the reasons for the failure of agribusiness in Mozambique is because the state, instead of subsidising the majority of the people who are agricultural producers, has chosen to subsidise the minority living in urban areas.

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Foto de Adérito CaldeiraLess than three months after its last review, the Bank of Mozambique has again changed foreign exchange regulations to introduce complementary norms to the movement of accounts in foreign currency with a particular incidence on the specific account of export revenue.

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While the privileged who live in Maputo murmur that fuels prices are high, gasoline that costs 65.01 in the capital, costs 73.18 in Zumbo and 75.18 meticais in Mecula. Diesel, which in the City of Acacias has risen to 61.16, costs 69.33 in the easternmost district of Tete province and 71.33 meticais in the northernmost district of Niassa province.

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From 3 March, the Mozambican National Police (PRM) will be led by a military man, Major General Julio dos Santos Jane, who was appointed to the post by President Filipe Nyusi, to replace Jorge Henrique da Costa Khalau, dismissed on 2 March.

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Transports and Communications Minister Carlos Alberto Fortes Mesquita is violating the Public Honesty Law for being the titular of activity in five commercial societies that have interests in decisions and businesses within the Communication and Transports Ministry, which he has led since January 19th, 2015. With the silent complicity of the Central Commission of Public Ethics, Carlos Mesquita created one of these societies inclusively (with intentions to, among other activities, explore road, rail, multimodal transport terminals) after securing a place in the Government of Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, his old classmate and colleague.

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