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While the privileged who live in Maputo murmur that fuels prices are high, gasoline that costs 65.01 in the capital, costs 73.18 in Zumbo and 75.18 meticais in Mecula. Diesel, which in the City of Acacias has risen to 61.16, costs 69.33 in the easternmost district of Tete province and 71.33 meticais in the northernmost district of Niassa province.

Paradoxically Mozambicans living outside Maputo, where poverty continues to increase, have never received any subsidy of the kind that Maputo residents have benefited from for years, the cost of liquid fuels just one more example that so-called “national unity”, defended at great length by our rulers, does not translate into the practical aspects of life in our country.

However, for some reason the recent communiqué on increases and reductions in fuel prices only refers to prices in the territorial districts of cities with distribution terminals, namely Maputo, Beira, Nacala and Pemba.

In the rest of the country, the price is increased by transportation costs and packaging, perhaps violating the Constitution of the Republic, which defines as the responsibility of the State “the solution of the fundamental problems of the people and the reduction of social and regional inequalities”.

In Gaza province the price of gasoline varies between 66.78 meticais in the city of Xai-Xai and 69.11 in the district of Chicualacuala. The cheapest petrol in Bilene is 50.78 while at Chicualacuala it is 54.55 meticais. The price of diesel varies between 61.49 in Bilene and 65.26 in Chicualacuala.

In the so-called “land of good people” [Inhambane] the most cheapest gasoline is found in Inharrime, at 67.18 meticais, and the most expensive in Mabote, at 71.16. The lowest oil price is 52.14 meticais, in Zavala district, the highest is 56.60 in Mabote.

The cheapest diesel in Inhambane is to be found in Inharrime, are 63.33 meticais a litre, and in Mabote the most expensive, at 67.31 meticais.

In Milange gasoline costs 74.24 meticais, oil 59.68 meticais and diesel 70.39 meticais

In Sofala, the price of gasoline starts at 65.01 meticais, in the city of Beira, and reaches 69.19 in Marromeu district, which also has the highest oil price in the province, 54.63 meticais, and diesel, 65.34 meticais per litre.

Inchope has the cheapest gasoline, oil and diesel in Manica, at 65.41 , 50.85 and 61.56 meticais a litre, respectively. The most expensive costs are charged in Tambara district, with gasoline at 68.66 meticais, oil at 54.10 meticais and diesel at 64.81 meticais.

The city of Tete and Moatize district have the most affordable prices in the province: 70.40 meticais, 55.84 meticais and 66.55 meticais for gasoline, oil and diesel, respectively. The highest costs are charged in the Zumbo district where gasoline is sold at 73.18 meticals, oil at 58.62 meticais and diesel at 69.33 meticais per litre.

In Zambézia, the cheapest fuels, gasoline for 69.46 meticais, 56.90 meticais for oil and 65.62 meticais for diesel, are in the city of Quelimane and in the districts of Insassunge and Nicoadala. The highest prices are in the Milange district, where gasoline costs 74.24 meticais, oil 59.68 meticais and gas oil 70.39 meticais per litre.

Mozambique’s most expensive fuels sold in Niassa

In the port city of Nacala, the cheapest gasoline, oil and diesel in Nampula province is sold at prices of 65.01, 50.45 and 61.16 meticais, respectively. The highest values are to be found in the district of Moma, where gasoline costs 68.44 , oil 53.88 meticais and diesel 64.59 meticais.

In the province of Cabo Delgado the most affordable prices are practiced in the city of Pemba and in the district of Mecúfi, gasoline at 65.01 meticais, oil at 50.45 meticais and diesel at 61.16 meticais. Already in the plateau of Mueda, where the fight for national independence began , gasoline is sold at 67.50 meticais, oil at 52.94 and the litre of diesel fuel costs 63.65 meticais.

The cheapest fuels in the province of Niassa are sold in the districts of Cuamba and Metarica with gasoline at 69.01, oil at 54.45 and diesel at 65.17 meticais. The most expensive gasoline in Niassa, and in Mozambique, is sold at 75.18 meticais in the district of Mecula, where oil costs 60.62 meticais and diesel, also the most expensive in the country, costs 71.33 meticais a litre.

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