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Mozambican Journalist Paulo Machava was shot dead on the morning of 28 August by unidentified individuals travelling in a car in Maputo.

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The inhabitants of Mocuba woke up this Monday (12) upset with the waters of the Licungo River overflowing. A wave of more than ten yards flooded and dragged tens of houses, submerged the bridge that connects the Center to the North of Mozambique and took more than two dozens people, including some teenagers. At a time that Mozambique is ungoverned, fired last week by President Armando Guebuza, the Zambezia province went into flood alert.

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The effects of road accidents remain adverse. Between January and October 2014, at least 1,459 people died and 3,562 contracted injuries, including severe 1,858, due to 2,410 road accidents recorded on different roads of Mozambique. The danger and the number of victims of this evil may be greater than you can imagine, given that there are obviously incidents that for various reasons did not come to the attention of authorities, which requires prudence and responsibility on the part of drivers and pedestrians whenever they go to public highway.

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Sixteen year old Maria Rondão had hoped to continue studying, to perhaps break her family's cycle of poverty. But her father forced her to get married while she still in primary school. Maria had a son and her husband abandoned her. She is one of the 700 million women, many living in poverty and unstable conditions, who were forced into marriage before turning 18. This is according to United Nations (UN) statistics.

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More than a thousand sustenance farmers in the village of Wakhua, in the administrative post of Lioma, on the border between the provinces of Zambezia and Nampula, were removed from their lands by the Brazilian company AGROMOZ, to make way for soybean production in an area of some 3,000 hectares. The population affected was enticed with compensations that did not correspond to the goods they owned, in a non-transparent process. In addition to not being properly resettled, the victims do not have access to new space to continue their sustenance and household farming activities.

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Five people identified by the names of Jakobus Nande, of 62 years old; Mateus Mulhur, of 36 years old; Francisco Fabião, of 24 years old; Manuel Sambo, of 25 years old; and one identified by the name of Boa, of 31 years old, are in accounts with the police of the Republic of Mozambique as a result of having been surprised buying horns and hoofs of rhinoceroses, last Sunday (06) in the neighborhood of Mawanja 01, in the village of Magude, Maputo province.

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